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Midnight Eternal
Global Defense Force
Written by Vince Churchill, cover and interior illustrations by Ken Leinaar
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Written by Brian Hitsman, this 3-issue series includes art by Ken Leinaar and others, published by INKreMental Studios.
Legends Of Log
Written by DL Suharski with various collaborators including Ken Leinaar on pencils and inks, LOG is published by Paperback Jack and Giant! Comics
Written by Mario Candelaria, with art by Ken Leinaar, Up The River was a short story included in the Heather Antos driven crime anthology, "Unlawful Good" by Dude, What Comics?

Up The River
Bay City's own D'Angelo's Pizza - 
design by Ken Leinaar
Coming Soon!  A fun, new kids' story from
author Vince Churchill and artist Ken Leinaar
Coming Soon!   The kickstarter-funded M-Rated 
comic book by Michael Barr and Ken Leinaar
Several short stories from varies local Michigan writers and artists including 
Ken Leinaar, Adam Wilkinson, and Mandy Nelson.  Samples of comics, poetry, and short stories in the "thriller" genre.

From writer Jason Mansfield and 
Polar Bear Comics, The CITIZEN 
tells the dramatic story of a boy who's growing into a man and the problems 
that come with having SuperPowers.

ACTZ Cosmetics "Sudzy" 
characters by Ken Leinaar 

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